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At Sprockets Australia we carry 7 brands of chain from all over the world and are Australia/New Zealand agents for Webster and Ramsey chain from the USA, Cross Morse from the UK and HKK who manufacture one of the best roller chains in Japan; agencies which we have held for over 25 years. If it’s an economically priced, good quality chain you are looking for there is our very own SOCOM brand which is available in roller chain, conveyor chain and mill chain just to name a few. If we don’t have it on the shelf or you require a custom made chain we can facilitate that too.

Below you will find a list of the chains we carry in larger volumes. Click on relevant link to redirect you to more information about that chain or call us on (03) 9687 8177 for on the spot advice.

Conveyor Chain SOCOM Roller Conveyor (Hollow Pin)
Conveyor Chain SOCOM Roller Chain (Solid Pin)
Mill Chain Webster Portalloy® WH124, WH132, WH150 etc
Mill Chain SOCOM WH124, WH132, WH150 etc
Drag Chain Webster Portalloy® WDH110, WDH112, WDH480 etc
Drag Chain SOCOM WDH110, WDH112, WDH480 etc
Drop Forged Chain SOCOM X348, X458, X678
Hardened Steel Bush (HSB) Chain Webster Portalloy® 102B, 111A, 131 etc
Hardened Steel Bush (HSB) Chain SOCOM SS102B, SS131, SS188
Malleable Detachable Chain SOCOM #32  #45  #52  #55  #62  #88
Mallaeble Pintle Chain SOCOM 400 Class Pintle Chain – 452  455  462  477  488
Cast Chain Webster Portalloy® 400 Class Pintle Chain. H Class Pintle Chain.
700 Class Pintle Chain SOCOM 400 Class Pintle Chain – SC720S
MR Roller Series Chain SOCOM 32   42   45   52   55   62   88
Press Steel Detachable Chain SOCOM #32  #45  #52  #55  #62  #88
Combination Chain Webster N102B, C188 etc
Combination Chain SOCOM C55, C102B, C111, C131, C132 & C188
Roller Chain SOCOM  /  HKK  /  Cross Morse American Standard Single Pitch
Roller Chain SOCOM  /  HKK  /  Cross Morse British Standard Single Pitch
Roller Chain SOCOM  /  HKK Double Pitch
Roller Chain SOCOM  /  HKK Heavy Series
Roller Chain HKK Nickel Plated
Roller Chain HKK Stainless Steel
Roller Chain HKK Super & Super Heavy Series
Roller Chain HKK Double Capacity Chain
Roller Chain HKK Aqua-Series® 
Silent Chain Ramsey Conveying Applications
Silent Chain Ramsey Power Transmission Applications
Solid Bush Roller (SBR) Webster Portalloy® S3945, S3952  etc
Steel Pintle Chain SOCOM 662   667K   667H
Transfer Chain SOCOM 81X   81H   81X Rooftop
Transfer Chain SOCOM H78A & H78B
Leaf Chain SOCOM AL & BL